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Our Story



Fishing, preparing, cooking, you name it we do it. We are Paducah's one stop shop for seafood or meat.  We literally have the Gulf connection here. Not only do we have our shop in Paducah, but we also make deliveries and appearances at several Farmers Markets in Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and Missouri. We go through 2,000 - 3,000 pounds of seafood a week and deliver an additional 8,000 pounds.



August of 2016 we decided to open up shop in Paducah, KY. Before that we sold our fresh seafood in the area out of a refrigerated truck. With family members living near the Gulf in Alabama, we have a great connection to the freshest seafood. Hence the name "The Gulf Coast Connection". 

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So Fresh

Gone fishing isn't just an excuse to close Sunday - Tuesday... We really are! Our seafood is delivered to the shop every Wednesday morning. We catch our seafood on Monday, prepare it on Tuesday, and it is ready at the store Wednesday morning!

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